Homescapes Hack cheats tool – unlimited coins

Homescapes cheats
Homescapes cheats


Use Homescapes cheats to be a master of the game

If you love playing mobile games that allow you to explore your creativity while having fun, then Homescapes must be on your list of favorite games. Coming from the popular franchise of –scapes games, Homescapes is the second game in the series, the first one being the highly popular mobile game Gardenscapes. The game allows the player to revamp an old, dilapidated mansion exactly the way he/she likes. For redecorating the mansion the player needs to earn resources by passing the different levels of the game. The more levels you pass, the more resources you will have and the better will be the items that you can buy.

Naturally, most players who play Homescapes keenly are always on the lookout for more stars and coins that can be used to buy items to restore the mansion to its former splendor. A limited amount of resources is assigned to every player at the very start of the game and more can be earned by playing the levels. But if you are an enthusiastic player, you will often find that you are in need of more and more resources and have to wait quite long to buy the items that you eagerly want to buy.

Homescapes for android Download :  Google play link

Homescapes for iOS download : iTunes link

Why are Homescapes cheats useful?

Though coins and stars can be bought with real money, most players wouldn’t want to spend real money for the game. That’s exactly where the Homescapes cheats come to the rescue. With the use of these cheats, players can add unlimited stars and coins to their account so as to buy anything that they want or unlock levels they would like to play without having to wait for long. The cheats can also add unlimited lives to the player’s account so that one can keep playing as long as he/she wants. Thus, using the cheats you not only save your hard-earned money, but can also play the game to its full potential.

Homescapes hack proof

How to use Homescapes cheats?

  • Cheats are usually designed to ensure that all players can conveniently use them without having to go through any hassle.
  • Just visit the Homescapes cheats page.
  • Enter your gaming account name and the amount of resources that you need in the specified boxes.
  • Then, click on the Generate option and wait for the process to complete.

Processing your request would generally take a few minutes and once the process is complete, the required resources will be added to your gaming account. You can, then, keep playing as much as you want. It’s that simple.

Is it safe to use?

Homescapes cheats are created by gamers for the gamers and thus, you can expect them to be completely safe. Moreover, the cheats are regularly updated by the developers so that they can support the regular updates of the games. The developers also ensure that the cheats are 100% anti-ban proof so that your gaming account always remains completely safe. You just have to make sure that you do not add too many resources to your account to arouse suspicion. That is all that you need to take care of and you will be able to play Homescapes to your heart’s content.

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