Choices stories you play game review

Choices stories you play game review:

Choices stories you play

Hello gamers! Today we are going to review an amazing game for you. This game is called Choices: Stories You play. In this game you have to choose one out many stories available in the game. It’s a choice based game so you control the game totally.

This game is very unique. It’s a storyline game where you can control what happens next. It’s really cool as in a way entire story is in your hand and every time you play something new can come out.

Let’s have a look at other aspects of this game like graphics, game play etc.


The game has some amazing visuals. The characters look amazing and every detail is beautifully expressed. Although as it is not a First person game and is more of a story based game you will not experience high quality graphics. But still for a game like this, graphics are pretty decent.


The twists and turns that you will experience in this game are surprising. If you love role playing games then this is the game that you will love. Although the gameplay is pretty simple but still this whole game is really addictive. The anticipation of the unknown will make you come back to this game everyday.

The verdict

The Choices: Stories you play is a pretty amazing when it comes to the adventurous perspective of a game. It definitely deserves the storage space of you mobile devices. We will give this game 7 out of 10 stars.

Choices: Stories You Play Tips

More tricks and cheats :

When starting any among the three stories, the game will take you back again to that story once you open it in your device. However, you have the choice to change to another story if you wish, by just hitting your home button. That may exit the story you were previously on, but the great thing listed here is that you won’t lose whatever progress you’d made thus far. You are able to go back to that story anytime you would like, starting back where you left off.

When playing a story, you do make decisions. There are those occasions when you wish you possibly can make another decision and see what happens. This really is among the replay values of the game where you are able to replay the story again and you possibly can make the other choices to see the effects. You then have to be mindful that doing the story again costs keys to complete it over. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t start at a certain chapter as you need to begin all over.

Getting more diamonds:

When you complete a story you get some Diamonds. Unlocking and stacking up on Diamonds allow you to buy and read some of the premium stories so to speak. If you intend to add more into your reading portfolio.

Reading or watching a story unfold is straightforward but it could be easier with our Choices: Stories You Play hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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Gameplay video :


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